Efficiency improvement example:
reducing inpatient bed use in cardiology angioplasty


Planned Improvement


Reduction of 25% of inpatient overnight stays for cardiology angioplasty patients, so beds can be used for other patients.

Actual improvement

The number of actual inpatient days was reduced by 200 inpatient days per year. This resulted in an cost savings of 15% on angioplasty patients for this cardiology department representing savings of €190k on a total cardiology volume of €9m (2%).



•Analysis showed casemix corrected utilization of angioplasty inpatient overnight days was significantly higher for this specific cardiology department than expected. Root cause analysis showed low discharge standardization and discipline.

•Inpatient days are included in care bundles in the Netherlands, meaning extra inpatient days are only reimbursed when crossing predefined thresholds. Therefore, in general it’s efficient to reduce inpatient days.

•Inpatient beds are generally scarce in the Netherlands, meaning extra inpatient days/beds can easily be utilized to provide care to other patients.