Senior Project Manager (Sensible Care) Description 

Nice to meet you…

We are i2i, a young, ambitious, goal-oriented and intelligent organization based in Amsterdam, which focuses on one of the most important societal challenges in the Netherlands: cost control in healthcare while maintaining quality and accessibility. How do we ensure the best care locking on every euro invested in healthcare, or how do we achieve meaningful healthcare? For this we have developed the 'Effective Direct Declaration of Partnership' (DDD-Partnership) model, which rewards care providers who have proven legitimate and efficient declarations. The trust between insurer and care provider is thereby increased, the administrative burden is reduced and the health care funds are demonstrably spent sensibly.

With over 30 colleagues, we work together with hospitals, pharmacies and mental healthcare institutions on sensible care. These healthcare providers realize benefits for them such as better purchasing conditions, fewer administrative burdens, improvement of internal processes and an (even) better social image. Every day i2i is in conversation with medical specialists aimed at realizing a behavioral change in the cost-effectiveness of delivered care.


What are you going to do?

As a Senior Project Manager, you feel responsible to ensure that the hospitals assigned to you work effectively. You map out possible causes of higher healthcare costs and translate these into razor-sharp analyzes. The input for these analyzes is provided by our Data Scientists.

Your goal is to come up with convincing insights and substantiated recommendations with which you can realize a change in behavior among care providers, which ultimately leads to efficient and sensible care. You do this by decisively entering into discussions with medical specialists, whereby you make use of your analytical talent and strong communication skills. You also support other important stakeholders in the hospital, such as care administration and internal project leaders, with the implementation of the DDD Partnership in the hospital.



As a Project Manager you identify new efficiency parameters based on laws and regulations, contract agreements and signals from the market. You develop new analyzes in close collaboration with i2i's Data Scientists.

You also act as a coach for your fellow project managers. Through your knowledge and experience you know how to inspire colleagues and you offer them tools for further development.

You are also a natural sparring partner for management because of your knowledge of organizational and strategic issues.

In this position you will be working at the office in Amsterdam for approximately 70% of your time and you will also have a meeting with medical specialists on location. In short, a socially relevant position in which you can use your analytical skills and project management skills to improve care.


  • socially relevant function at the intersection of content and finance

  • opportunity to use your talent to contribute to sensible care

  • stimulating and inspiring working environment with many external contacts within healthcare institutions

  • positive and special company with a close team that pays a lot of attention to personal development and growth.




  • completed M.Sc. training;

  • demonstrable extensive knowledge of and experience with the force field in healthcare (at least 5 years)

  • very good knowledge of DBC system

  • self-starter, driven to further promote the DDD Partnership

  • strong analytical, coaching and project management skills

  • personal characteristics: customer-oriented, honest, convincing, able to operate strategically, solution-oriented, positive attitude and a team player.


We also talk about relationship manager. The intention is not to sell the product, but to reach a consensus based on the content about problems and opportunities.


Acquisition by recruiters as a result of this vacancy is not appreciated