What we do 

 hospital Cost Efficiency 

  • Our data analysis and behavioral change management techniques eliminate unnecessary spending and enable the optimal distribution of funds within the healthcare ecosystem​.

  • We’ve established a new way of working that levels the playing field between institutions.

Care Quality 

  • Through our ecosystem design, the reallocation of funds improves care quality and ensures patients and benefits shift to the preferred provider.

Mental Health 

  • Currently working with payors and providers on establishing a system that is suitable for mental health

International partnerships

  • We have built a proven and generalized model in the past 10 years which can be adapted to different regions without having to rebuild the logic of the model. 

  • Markets outside the Netherlands can leverage a large part of the logic and algorithms.

  • We perform within-country comparisons to between-country comparison using microdata to identify cost, quality, and structural differences while objectifying information from country to country

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